Bachelor of Arts

Journalism | Psychology | Political Science | English

About the Course

The Department of Humanities at ST PAULS COLLEGE with varieties of subject combinations that include Journalism, Psychology, Political Science and English Literature gives to our students the best opportunities for learning through curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. Our students have represented and published research papers in seminars and conferences and have won prizes and awards both nationally and internationally. The Department conducts annual Inter-Collegiate Fest HUMANZA and Intra-Collegiate Fest IKANOS which are platforms for our students to excel in extracurricular activities. Experts from industry and reputed institutions are invited on a need basis to equip the students ready for job markets. Department provides opportunities for job-oriented internships, industrial visits, educational tours, extension services and outreach programmes. A candidate shall be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (B.A.) after the successful completion of the course that lasts for three years and an Honours in B.A. after 4 years.


Provide academic excellence and value-based education to create professionals for a better tomorrow.


  • To provide contextually relevant management education, and prepare them for higher education in Management Studies
  • To give a global perspective through value-based education for social transformation.
  • To train the students with required skills and competence for employment both in the domestic and global market
  • To promote and emphasis on experiential learning and skill-based learning in the areas of management

Available Specialisations

  Journalism & English
  Journalism & Political Science
  Journalism & Psychology


The objective of the department is to impart theoretical knowledge blended with practical experience. We guide and enthuse our students to gain a professional touch already at the undergraduate level. The department publishes a fortnightly Newsletter PAULA PATHRIKA, a daily Newsletter DAILY CHRONICLE, a quarterly magazine COSMOS, a monthly coffee table book photo magazine LenCa and ST PAULS TV which covers all the activities of the college and telecasts them regularly in the college. All such publications offer our students apt forums to showcase and finetune their journalistic talents. Our students also have a YouTube channel, DHRISTI, where documentaries on the life of people in and around our college and in the city are posted.


The course focuses on the scientific study of the human mind and how it dictates and influences our behavior from communication and memory to thought and emotion. The objective is to understand what makes people think and how this understanding can help them address many of the problems and issues in society today. The course focuses on the study of human behavior and the thoughts, feelings, and motivations behind it through observation, measurement and testing in order to form conclusions that are based on sound scientific methodology.

Political Science

The course of Political Science focuses on the theoretical and methodological aspects of the study of politics and, more broadly, the Social Sciences. The curriculum is aimed at understanding the historical and behavioral aspects of political life. The degree will be valuable to students interested in deepening their comprehension of social phenomena and possibly preparing for graduate work in this area.


The course of English literature is designed to familiarize students with literature from around the world, available in the English language. Following the syllabus of Bangalore University, the entire course covers six semesters and includes literature in its various forms such as poems, essays, short fiction, novels, plays, etc.

Job Opportunities

Journalist, Editorial Assistant, Content Writer, Editor, Proof Reader, Web Content Manager, Copywriter, Multimedia Specialist, Public Relations Officer, Translator, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor, Therapist.

Lecturer, NGO, Artist. Designer, Engineer, Script Writer, Screenwriter.

Advertiser, Lawyer, Marketing Executive, Public Administrator, Researcher Scholar, Public Relations Officer, etc

Add-On Courses

Addon courses are chosen as part of the curriculum
additional to the course specialisation.

Civil Services Coaching

Enhance your career prospects with our exclusive Civil Services Coaching, an ideal add-on course to your Bachelor’s in Arts. Develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and comprehensive knowledge in subjects like history, economics, and political science. Our experienced faculty and comprehensive curriculum will equip you with the tools needed to excel in competitive exams and pursue a rewarding career in the civil services.

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Improve your artistic skills with our Photography add-on course for Bachelor of Arts students. Capture captivating moments, explore visual storytelling, and master the art of composition. Develop technical expertise in handling cameras, lighting, and editing software. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, while expanding your career opportunities. Unleash your vision through the lens and unlock your potential in the world of photography.

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Data Analytics

Create further value to your Bachelor’s in Arts with an exciting add-on course in data analytics. Unlock the power of information by learning to analyze and interpret data effectively. Gain valuable skills in data visualization, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling. Expand your career opportunities in diverse fields such as marketing, research, and decision-making. Embrace the future of data-driven insights and stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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Film Making

 This course equips aspiring filmmakers with essential skills in storytelling, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and production. Students gain hands-on experience in script development, camera operation, post-production techniques, and understanding the nuances of visual storytelling. With the booming film and media industry, this add-on course provides a unique edge, enabling graduates to pursue careers in film production, advertising, digital media, television, and other creative industries. It nurtures their artistic vision, technical abilities, and entrepreneurial spirit required to thrive in the dynamic realm of film making.

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