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Bachelor of Business Administration

The Department of Management focuses on preparing students to be ready for the industry. The curricular and extra-curricular activities are designed to ensure that the class room learning is translated into their daily life. An annual intercollegiate fest INFOVISION, an intra-collegiate fest PAULASAMVED, and a Commerce and Management Exhibition PAULAPRADARSHANA are organized to provide forums for students to exhibit their talents.

The department is blessed with a strong team of faculty members capable of carrying out researches and paper publications, and organizing conferences and seminars intended to achieve academic excellence for the dynamic needs of the society. The department has been conducting series of guest lectures on relevant topics and add-on-courses of contemporary significance such as Advanced Excel, C.A., C.S., Aviation, etc.

Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration teaches students how to provide managerial solutions for daily organizational issues. Students will explore methods of enhancing a company’s performance through efficient management and mainstream marketing. They gain knowledge of business practices and processes besides gaining complete knowledge about the recent market developments.

Students are exposed to mandatory corporate internship, industrial visits, a variety of add on courses, various clubs to improve their skills, etc. The B.B.A. programme covers all the functional areas of business including Accounting, Finance, Production, Marketing, Industrial Relations, Law, Business Ethics, Business Strategy and Human Resources Management. The curriculum offers many exposure programs, internships, educational tours, industrial visits and provides students a global business perspective.

Job Opportunities

Journalist, Editorial Assistant, Content Writers, Editor, Proof Reader, Web Content Manager, Copywriter, Multimedia Specialist, Public Relations Officer, Translator, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor, Therapist, Lecturer, NGO, Script Writer, Screenwriter, Advertiser, Lawyer, Marketing Executive, Public Administrator, Researcher Scholar, Public Relations Officer, etc.

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