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Bachelor of Business Administration

About the Course

Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration teaches students how to provide managerial solutions for daily organizational issues. Students will explore methods of enhancing a company’s performance through efficient management and mainstream marketing. They gain knowledge of business practices and processes besides gaining complete knowledge about the recent market developments.

A candidate shall be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree in Management (B.B.A.) after the successful completion of the course that lasts for three years and an Honours in B.B.A. after 4 years. The B.B.A.programme covers all the functional areas of business including Accounting, Finance, Production, Marketing, Industrial Relations, Law, Business Ethics, Business Strategy and Human Resources Management.


Provide academic excellence and value-based education to create professionals for a better tomorrow.


  • To provide contextually relevant management education, and prepare them for higher education in Management Studies
  • To give a global perspective through value-based education for social transformation.
  • To train the students with required skills and competence for employment both in the domestic and global market
  • To promote and emphasis on experiential learning and skill-based learning in the areas of management

Job Opportunities

Finance Manager, Business Administration Researcher, Human Resource Manager, Business Consultant, Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur, etc.

Programme Highlights

  • SAMVRUTHA – Intra Collegiate Fest
  • LEADVISION – Inter Collegiate Fest
  • INTRANSITIVE – Management Exhibition
  • MUNCH FAIR – Food Carnival
  • HERALD-INTERACTION – Guest lectures on emerging topics in Management
  • Industrial visit/internships
  • Bridge courses in Accounting and Business Mathematics
  • Small scale Industrial Visit Report
  • Community Service Report
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Preparation of Business Plan for Start-ups
  • Field Study Report
  • Employability Skills Training (Aptitude and GD Training)
  • Ability Enhancement Course
  • Management Club
  • Management Lab
  • Paper presentations by students
  • Participation in Management Fest
  • Placement training – interview skill, group discussion, resume preparation
  • Placement assistance – campus placement drive and campus interview

Add-On Courses

Addon courses are chosen as part of the curriculum
additional to the course specialisation.

MA Communication in Bangalore MSc Psychology in Bangalore

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics, as an add-on course for a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, offers invaluable knowledge and skills essential for the modern business landscape. This specialized course delves into the intricacies of supply chain management, transportation, warehousing, and inventory control. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize the flow of goods, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

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Data Analytics and Visualization

Create further value to your Bachelor’s in Arts with an exciting add-on course in data analytics. Unlock the power of information by learning to analyze and interpret data effectively. Gain valuable skills in data visualization, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling. Expand your career opportunities in diverse fields such as marketing, research, and decision-making. Embrace the future of data-driven insights and stand out in today’s competitive job market.

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ACCA + International Finance

ST PAULS COLLEGE in association with ISDC Learning (International Skill Development Corporation provides an exciting opportunity to pursue an ACCA Professional Qualification along with your B.Com or BBA degree.  The course enables the students to obtain substantial fundamental knowledge of subjects like Accounting, Taxation, Law, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Management Accounting, Finance and Business Ethics. The curriculum framework and content of this course will facilitate students to conveniently pursue a career in International Finance and Accountancy.

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What Our Students Say

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Jeevan M

BBA (Batch 2020-2023)

As a BBA graduate at ST PAULS COLLEGE, it has been an enriching journey, equipping me with practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for the business world. The college provided a conducive environment for holistic development, fostering critical thinking and teamwork. Over three years, I've grown personally and professionally, thanks to supportive faculty and diverse peers. From engaging lectures to hands-on projects, every experience has prepared me for the challenges ahead. I'm grateful for the opportunities, friendships, and memories created during my time here. The BBA program at ST PAULS COLLEGE truly laid a strong foundation for my future endeavors.

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Srijita Halder

BBA (Batch 2020-2023)

Graduating from the BBA program at ST PAULS COLLEGE, Bengaluru has been a transformative journey, one that has equipped me with invaluable skills and insights for the dynamic world of business. The comprehensive curriculum, expert faculty, and hands-on learning experiences have not only broadened my understanding of various business disciplines but have also instilled in me a strong sense of adaptability and critical thinking. What truly sets apart the BBA program at ST PAULS COLLEGE is its commitment to fostering holistic development. Beyond academics, the program emphasizes practical applications, leadership development, and ethical decision-making, preparing students like myself to navigate the complexities of the corporate landscape with integrity and innovation.

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Dhanush Chawan A

BBA (Batch 2018-21)

I work at Goldman Sachs. Through my tenure at Goldman Sachs as a Risk Management Analyst, I've honed my skills in communication and financial analysis, leading a team of twelve members with just two years of experience. Constantly challenging myself to innovate, I've successfully implemented numerous process enhancements. My passion for finance will force me every time to learn all the new things dwelling around in the Financial Market. Grateful for the foundation laid at ST PAULS COLLEGE, I continue to thrive in my career.

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