Bibliophile – Book Club

The world of books is fascinating and allows one to expand senses without having to leave one’s study table. ST PAULS COLLEGE, Bengaluru has a rich legacy of publishing and communication and it is only natural that we encourage our students to engage with books in an intimate manner. Bibliophile the Book Club of the college meets every first Saturday of the month to discuss chosen books and have conversations around authors, characters and the world of possibilities of the written word. The club aims to stimulate book reading habit through ways that are dynamic and ever evolving in the tech era. Students of all linguistic interests are welcome to be a part of the club and share their ideas. The club conducts the below activities from time to time:

  • Bibliophile monthly meetings
  • Author interactions
  • Book-review workshop/contests
  • Guest lectures
  • Book launches
  • Book exhibitions

Coordinator: Ms. Saranya Francis – 78928 69906