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5 resources that will help you get a job in 2023

By Academics

Want a job? Don’t know where to find one? Are you confused regarding your career? Don’t worry; this is perfectly normal for students. We generally receive these quarries daily. Our team at St Paul’s has realized that it is essential for students to be aware of all the resources to help them get a job. We have curated a list of the 5 most reliable and popular sources that offer excellent returns for students searching for jobs.

  • LinkedIn/ Job Offering Websites

The first and most popular platforms that offer hiring opportunities to companies and job offers to students are LinkedIn, Internshala,, etc.

These platforms offer a straightforward solution for finding jobs. These platforms have been successful in connecting the hirers and the employees. The process of finding jobs is a hasslefree task on these websites. You have to upload your resume and choose relevant interests, and that’s it. You will get an email based on your application, and eventually, you will be called for a screening process. Congratulations!!! You are hired.

  • Browse Company Pages

As a person who wants to work in a company, it is always better to know the ins and outs of the organization. Reading the company’s official pages, reviews left by current and ex-employees can tell you about their working environment. Not only this, but scrolling through these websites can bring you job opportunities in that same company.

  • Many times, companies don’t post job vacancies on job searching sites; instead, they post them on their social media handles or company pages. You can select a few companies that work in the field of your interest. Go to these companies’ websites, get all the required information and if lucky, you will get a job.
  • Networking with the professionals

Students these days have no idea of the immense benefits that networking offers. By networking, we don’t mean your online friends; we mean networking and connecting to professionals that have a good idea of the job market.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Indeed are a few websites where you can contact them. You can ask them about the relevant skills, latest job trends, and any opportunities they may be aware of. It is one of the most effective ways of making connections and ultimately reaching your goal.

Cold emailing is a very underrated asset in networking

  • Collegiate and Alumni Networks

The college you study is your first stepping stone toward your career goal. One of the best ways students can get jobs Is by connecting with their college professors and alumni of their college. Professors who have worked in the field have already established connections, and their references will act as a head start in your career.

Networking with the alumni will give you an idea about the companies that hire in your college, what mistakes they made and what obstacles you can expect. These will help you progress faster and find a job with minimum difficulties.                                                           

  • Industry and Career Based Magazines/Journals

Reading has never been this fruitful. Just as career-based sites exist, in the same way, career-based magazines and journals also exist. You can subscribe to the online version and be updated on the latest job postings that companies put up. This is a primitive way of finding jobs, but old is gold.

The research shows that these five resources constitute the most percentage of job hiring.

What have we done at St Pauls College, Bengaluru to compile all these resources in our campus and curriculum??

  • Online webinars and seminars from industry experts for first-hand experience regarding jobs and issues.
  • Placement cell that has attracted companies to our campus, providing job opportunities to freshers.
  • Hiring faculty with both on-field and off-field knowledge who also have strong networks in their niche.
  • Library stocked up with various career magazines and journals.

We all know the importance of employment post covid times. That is why we have put a lot of effort into bringing you a one-stop solution under one campus. We’re the Best UG & PG College in Bangalore . We stand as a beacon of transformative education, empowering students to thrive and succeed in a dynamic world. For more information on the topic, you can read other articles on our website and try the above-mentioned resources to see what works for you.

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