Department of Computer Science

The Department offers courses in computer science at an undergraduate level to respond to the rising demand in this field owing to the rapid growth of IT and software industries in the country. A career in Computer Science has been proved lucrative and rewarding since last decade. Students of computer science are trained not only in the use of various software but also have opportunity to acquire knowledge of operating systems, programming language, gaming, multimedia, web designing, data base, etc. With the opening of many software and IT companies in India, the job opportunities for trained professionals have increased considerably. Experts from industry and reputed institutions are invited on a need basis to equip the students ready for job markets. Department provides opportunities for job-oriented internships, industrial visits, educational tours, extension services and outreach programmes.


Sharing knowledge in computer science to create successful, ethical and effective problem solvers for our society.


To provide students with experiential learning opportunities to help them acquire new knowledge to meet the growing demands of a world that keeps changing rapidly.