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Counselling Center

The human mind is the most amazing among all creations in this beautiful universe of ours, the mind is capable of both creating and interpreting our world for us, this is what makes it imperative for anyone concerned with progress to take good care of this beautiful aspect called mind. Mental health is of utmost importance on the campus of ST PAULS COLLEGE and it is our constant endeavour to prepare a strong workforce for the nation and in the growing context of the youth needing guidance, support and hand holding, this is what has led us to including counselling and guidance as an indispensable service on our campus. Our counselling cell provides a non-judgmental, confidential and supportive atmosphere and aims to help students to make proper adjustments in academic pursuit and improved quality of life.


  • To help students identify and develop their talents and potentialities
  • To help students identify the problem areas of their life and deal with them effectively
  • To train them to deal with distress and anxiety
  • To help them grow in healthy relationships
  • To enable students to take responsible decisions and become self-actualized individuals
  • To motivate and support students to regularly attend classes
  • To prepare students for the exams systematically

Action Plan:

  • Assessment of students
  • Identify students who require help
  • Conduct counselling sessions
  • Refer students to expert help, if required
  • Organize guest talks, seminars and workshops by professionals
  • Administer aptitude and psychological tests

Coordinator: Ms. Pallavi K.P. – 9447582868

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