Equal Opportunities Cell

The plan for Equal Opportunity Cell for universities is adopted by the UGC in the XII Plan (2012-2017). The Bangalore University has established the same in the year 2014. The basic purpose of this cell is to give equal opportunity to any deprived group or an individual in the field of higher education. This cell will create awareness among the students from SC/ST/OBC/Minorities/Differently abled persons or any other disadvantaged groups. It also ensures conducive environment for all the deprived groups and arranges special lectures from time to time by eminent personalities and academicians on topics such as Gender Equality, Equality and Discrimination, Rights of Minorities and Challenges and Way outs for Differently abled persons.


  • To create awareness about Equal Opportunity in the premises of ST PAULS COLLEGE
  • To create an atmosphere of Equal Opportunity and to develop sensitization programs
  • To cater the different needs of the students
  • To extent legal redressal in matters of violation of equal opportunity
  • To promote leadership qualities among the various groups of the cell

Action Plan:

  • Establishment of Department of Disability Studies
  • Establishment of SC/ST/Minorities Cell, Culture and Sports activities for Differently- abled students
  • Access grants and funds from Bangalore University

Coordinator: Ms. Savithri C. – 89713 34436