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Celebrating Mother Language Day at ST PAULS COLLEGE

The Department of Languages at ST PAULS COLLEGE recently organized a vibrant celebration of Mother Language Day on 06 May 2024. This event aimed to highlight the importance of linguistic diversity, cultural richness, and the spirit of unity through communication. The theme for this year’s celebration was “House of Ethnic,” focusing on the myriad ethnicities and languages that contribute to India’s cultural tapestry.


To promote the significance of linguistic diversity and cultural heritage.
To encourage unity and togetherness among students and faculty through language.
To showcase the talents and cultural expressions of students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Event Overview
The event commenced at 12:00 PM in the ST PAULS AUDI with a ceremonial lighting of the lamp by Dr. Trapty Sharma (HOD, Language Department), Fr. Thomas, Fr. Shaiju, and student coordinators Poorvi Khandelwal and Kavya P. Dr. Trapty Sharma delivered a welcome speech emphasizing the importance of togetherness and effective communication in fostering unity and understanding among diverse communities.

Fr. Thomas, in his address, underscored the spirit of oneness that can be achieved through appreciating each other’s languages and cultures. He highlighted the need to break down communication barriers to foster genuine connections and empathy among individuals.

The celebration included a series of vibrant cultural performances that showcased the linguistic and ethnic diversity of India. Students presented music, dance, and a fashion show that incorporated elements from various languages and cultures across the country. This display not only entertained but also educated the audience about the richness and beauty of India’s linguistic landscape.


The Mother Language Day celebration at ST PAULS COLLEGE was a resounding success. It effectively achieved its objectives of promoting linguistic diversity, fostering unity, and breaking down communication barriers. Students and faculty alike participated enthusiastically, contributing to an atmosphere of celebration and appreciation for India’s rich cultural heritage.

The celebration of Mother Language Day at ST PAULS COLLEGE served as a testament to the college’s commitment to embracing diversity and promoting cultural understanding. Through events like these, students are encouraged to cherish their linguistic roots while also developing a deep appreciation for the languages and cultures of others. The Department of Languages looks forward to organizing similar impactful events in the future to continue nurturing a campus environment that celebrates unity in diversity


06 May 2024


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