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Art Exhibition

The students of III BA Optional English at ST PAULS COLLEGE, Bengaluru responded in an engaging and innovative manner to an internal assessment activity. The students were challenged to reimagine and reinterpret Dante’s ‘Inferno’ through any form of art and they organized an art exhibition titled ‘Reimagining Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell’ on 26 November 2022.

Students wrote poems, free verses, built a one act play, made pop up paper art, showcased their idea of hell through face painting explorations, origami, delivered deliciously reimagined slam, doodled and sketched images that challenged the idea of hell and heaven and made art on canvas like pros and even created a jigsaw puzzle of a painting of their version of hell. This was then curated carefully and displayed to the college as an art exhibition.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Rev Fr Dr Thomas M J, Principal ST PAULS COLLEGE, Bangalore. A total of 28 art works were displayed and as many as 350 students and staff members visited the display. Ms. Saranya Francis, faculty in-charge of the exhibition thanked the gathering for their presence and expressed her gratitude to the students for having completed the internal assessment task with such elan.


26 Nov 2022


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