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CAMPUS TO CORPORATE : GUEST LECTURE – Pegasus Association- Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science recently hosted a guest lecture titled “From Campus to Corporate,” designed to prepare final-year students for their impending transition from academic life to professional careers. This event attracted 110 enthusiastic participants from various disciplines, including BCA, B.Sc, B.Com, BBA, and BA. The speaker for the session was Ms. Anashwara J, an experienced HR Analyst at Atkinsrealis, who shared her professional insights and personal experiences.
Ms. Anashwara began by addressing the stark differences between campus and corporate environments. She highlighted that while academic settings focus on learning and personal development, the corporate world emphasizes performance, results, and professional growth. She stressed that understanding these differences is crucial for a smooth transition.
A key aspect of the lecture was the importance of adapting to corporate culture. Ms. Anashwara explained that each organization has its unique culture, which includes its values, beliefs, and practices. She shared real-life examples from her own career to illustrate how understanding and aligning with a company’s culture can significantly enhance one’s effectiveness and job satisfaction.
Networking was another significant topic. Ms. Anashwara explained that building a professional network can provide support, open up opportunities, and enhance career growth. She encouraged students to engage in networking activities such as attending industry events, joining professional groups, and maintaining connections with peers and mentors.
Ms. Anashwara also discussed the importance of a professional attitude and work ethic. She emphasized attributes like punctuality, reliability, and a positive attitude, which are highly valued by employers. She advised students to demonstrate a strong work ethic by being diligent, showing initiative, and continuously striving for excellence.
The session included practical advice on job interviews, resume crafting, and understanding job contracts. Ms. Anashwara provided tips on presenting oneself confidently during interviews, tailoring resumes to highlight relevant skills, and carefully reviewing job offers and contracts.
The interactive Q&A segment allowed students to ask questions and seek advice on specific concerns about entering the corporate world. This segment was highly appreciated, as it addressed students’ uncertainties and provided clarity on various aspects of corporate life.
Overall, the guest lecture was a resounding success, offering final-year students valuable insights and practical advice on navigating their transition from academic to professional life. The session left students feeling more prepared and confident about embarking on their corporate careers.


14 May 2024


All Day
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