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2023 November

Week 5

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12 May 2023


All Day

Capacity Building & Personality Development Program

ST PAULS COLLEGE in association with the Post Graduate Department of Journalism and Mass Communication sponsored by the National Commission for Women (NCW) Govt. of India organized a one day national seminar on Capacity Building and Development Program on Friday, 12 May 2023.

The chief patrons of the event was Ms. Rekha Sharma Chairperson, NCW, Govt. of India and Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas M J, Principal ST PAULS COLLEGE. The resource persons of the day was Ms. Monica Samuel, Inner Work Coach Co-Founder, Poshak Life, Digital Marketing Consultant for NGO, Mr. Naveen Manjunath, Regional Head and HR, Wipro Technologies, Ms. Manasi K G, Digital Media Strategist and Communication Consultant and Dr. Prashanth Venugopal, Program Head and Asst. Professor, SPC. The event was inaugurated with the prayer by Mr. Melvyn and Adriel followed by which the dignitaries lit the lamp to invoke the blessings. Rev. Fr. Dr. Shaiju Joseph, Vice-Principal SPC welcomed the gathering in which all the dignitaries on the dais along with the head of the department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Mr. Jenin Raj S were welcomed with a saplings as the token of love. He also spoke on how women are still fighting to accommodate into this democracy and how men should fight alongside with women for the inclusive society. He also pointed out the objective of such a program in campus for the girl students of the college.

The new book THE EMPOWERING MINDSET, unlocking your full potential and achieve your dream with The Empowering Mindset published by ST PAULS COLLEGE and authored by Rev Fr. Dr. Thomas MJ Principal, Dr. Prashanth Venugopal and Mr. Jenin Raj was released and was presented to the audience by the dignitaries. Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas MJ Principal gave the presidential address by thanking Ms. Rekha Sharma for the collaboration of NCW with the ST PAULS COLLEGE. He also took time to appreciate all the girl students for being the part of ST PAULS, and stated a fact on how we have more girl students over the strength of boy students and how the campus have been a safe and secure place for a girl. He spoke on how it’s a day to reflect on capacity building, skill development and life knowledge. He also spoke on how our democracy is still unequal and how all of us are still striving for inclusiveness. And this one day seminar will help us to act to strive. Principal emphasized on how education plays an important role in achieving the gender equality which will not only empower the women but also for the growth and development of the nation as a whole.

He said that he wishes that this program will led to actionable outcome to achieve the goals and objectives. After the formal inauguration of the program the stage was left for the resource persons for their sessions. The one day capacity building and personality development program ended with a formal valedictory function which the dignitaries on the dias  Ms. Manasi KG resource person, Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas M J Principal, Mr. Jenin Raj S, Head of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Dr. Prashanth Venugopal, Dr. Babu V, Head of the Department of Commerce and Mangement, Dr. Shailaja Head of the Department of Humanities and Mr. Paulose B, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication guested. Principal gave a valedictory speech in which he pointed out that women are being marginalized and excluded from many things and gradually there is a change in this scenario. He added that ST PAULS has always been a place which has encouraged and given more opportunities to women. He once again thanked Ms. Rekha Sharma, the chairperson of NCW for the collaboration and appreciated the department heads and Dr. Prashanth for organizing the event successfully.

Certificates were distributed to the various students who had participated in the events organized, including students from Ramaiah College, Oxford College and the students of ST PAULS COLLEGE by the Principal. Mr. Jenin Raj S, Head of the Post graduate department of Journalism and Mass Communication rendered the vote of thanks. He thanked the lord almighty and the management Principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas MJ, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Shaiju Joseph, Administrator Rev. Fr. Arokiaswamy, all the Heads of the departments, all in-charges, all the faculties, ministerial staff, volunteers, student council, and the media team for their immense effort for the success of the program. A group picture was snapped after the event. More than 280 students participated and found the session very beneficial.

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