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Fearless Dialogues: Embracing Courageous Conversations

The Department of Humanities, St Pauls College, Bengaluru, organized an enriching International Guest Talk titled “Fearless Dialogues: Embracing Courageous Conversations.” The event, held on 27 May 2023, aimed to foster a non-judgmental and respectful space for BA students to freely express their thoughts and opinions.

The guest speaker for the event was Karthigah Sekar, a renowned Career Coach from Malaysia. With years of experience in guiding individuals to achieve their career aspirations, Sekar brought a unique perspective to the topic, emphasizing the significance of open-mindedness, empathy, and embracing diverse viewpoints. The event took place from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., attracting a gathering of 65 BA students eager to delve into the art of fearless dialogues. Dr. Prashanth, the coordinator of the event and a faculty member from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, warmly welcomed the participants and set the stage for an engaging and thought-provoking session.
Karthigah Sekar began the talk by sharing insights on the power of courageous conversations in personal growth and social change. Drawing from real-life examples and experiences, Sekar emphasized the need to challenge preconceived notions and biases, encouraging the participants to broaden their horizons and embrace new perspectives.
Throughout the session, Sekar facilitated interactive discussions, encouraging the students to share their own thoughts and engage in meaningful exchanges. The participants actively listened to each other, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.The talk series left a lasting impact on the participants, empowering them to fearlessly engage in conversations that promote positive change.

As the session drew to a close, the students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such an enlightening event. They left with a renewed sense of purpose, equipped with the tools and inspiration to embrace courageous conversations in their academic journey and beyond.


27 May 2023


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