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Guest Talk – Cancer Awareness Day

Cancer awareness is the need of the hour as we witness increasing cases of various forms of cancer. Keeping in mind the need to raise awareness regarding the same, the Health Club of ST PAULS COLLEGE marked World Cancer Day on 05 February 2021 with a special guest talk delivered by Dr. Akhila Vadivelan, MD, FAAP, Pediatric Hospitalist at Mercy Medical Center, Oregon USA. Dr. Akhila Vadivelan has wide research experience in the areas of cervical and prostate cancer and has a specialisation in pediatric medicine. About 100 students from various streams attended the lecture. She reminded students that early detection and early intervention can lead to a cancer free life. She also underlined the best ways to detect cancer during early stages while urging the students to ensure that they sensitize their parents, relatives and friends regarding the need to frequently assess one’s health. Using effective illustrations and images she took the participants through a step by step understanding of various forms, preventive measures and caution measures of the condition. The highlight of the guest talk was the positive closing message which encouraged students to be kind and sensitive to people with cancer and the examples shared from real life acquaintances who are survivors.

The session concluded with an interesting question and answer session, followed by a vote of thanks by Ms. Savitha.


05 Feb 2021


All Day


St Pauls College

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