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Kairos 2024 was a dynamic event held at ST PAULS COLLEGE on June 04, 2024, organized by the Department of Computer Science. Kairos 2024, the inter-collegiate fest, brought together students from various institutions to engage in a diverse range of activities. The event featured both competitive, gaming, and cultural events, providing participants with opportunities for skill development, and entertainment.
The fest aims to provide a platform for students to display their skills in a wide range of areas including Technical, Gaming and Cultural with limited timeframe.

The inaugural event commenced with an invocation song. Mr. Noufal, a host invited Ms.Diya Thomas, Student Coordinator, took the podium to deliver the welcome address, setting the tone for the event.
Diya extended a warm welcome to the distinguished Chief Guest, Antony Peter, representing the Computer Society of India, along with the co-members, Mr. Vishwas Bopanna, and the respected Principal, Rev.Fr.Dr. Thomas MJ. She expressed gratitude for their presence and acknowledged their invaluable contributions to the field of technology and education where 22 colleges were involved in participation.

The IT Manager and IT Quiz event aims to combine both knowledge assessment and practical application in the field of information technology. It begins with an IT quiz designed to challenge participants’ understanding of various IT concepts, ranging from hardware and software to networking and cybersecurity.
Teams or individuals will compete to answer questions covering a wide spectrum of IT-related topics, testing their expertise and problem-solving skills under pressure. Questions may include multiple-choice, true/false, or short-answer formats, ensuring a diverse range of challenges.
The gaming events added to the excitement of the day, featuring Mobile India (BGMI), AmongUs, and Need for Speed (NFS). Participants demonstrated exceptional abilities and teamwork, enthralling the audience with their smart gameplay and thrilling displays.
The Tech Treasure Hunt and Reverse Charades event is a dynamic and engaging activity designed to blend technology, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Participants embark on a journey filled with challenges, puzzles, and clues, leading them to uncover hidden treasures while navigating through a series of technical tasks and presenting them with exceptional talents. Students from various academic backgrounds, including BCA, BSc, and Engineering, eagerly engaged in the events, demonstrating the global appeal of technology and creativity.

The valedictory ceremony marked the conclusion of an enriching and engaging event, bringing together students, faculty, and distinguished guests. Rizwana, a first-year BCA student, took the stage to deliver the valedictory address, reflecting on the experiences and insights gained throughout the event.
Rizwana began by expressing her gratitude to the organizing committee, faculty members, and fellow students for their collective efforts in making the event a success. She reflected on the learning opportunities and interactions with industry experts that had broadened her perspective on technology and its applications.
The culmination of the event saw the announcement of the winners, sparking excitement and anticipation among the attendees. After intense competition and impressive displays of talent, St. Claret emerged victorious, while the KLE Society secured the position of runners-up.
Nikitha Deshpande, Convenor, stepped forward to deliver the vote of thanks. Nikitha expressed gratitude for their invaluable insights and guidance. She thanked the Principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas MJ, faculty members for their support in organizing the event.
Nikitha extended her appreciation to the students for their active participation and enthusiasm, which contributed to the success of the event. She acknowledged the efforts of the organizing committee and volunteers for their dedication and hard work in coordinating various aspects of the event seamlessly.
In conclusion, 2024 Kairos 2024 was founded with a mission to use technology for good. Whether via breakthrough technologies, social entrepreneurship, or grassroots advocacy, participants displayed their steadfast commitment to creating a more fair, sustainable, and resilient future for everyone.


04 Jun 2024


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