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Walk for Freedom

ST PAULS COLLEGE NSS and CSA Unit, in collaboration with Christ University, successfully orchestrated the “Walk for Freedom,” a monumental global anti-slavery initiative that drew an awe-inspiring participation of over 257 million individuals from 500+ locations spanning 70 countries. With unwavering resolve, 110 students from ST PAULS COLLEGE joined hands with 30 students from Christ University to partake in two impactful events: the ‘Walk for Freedom,’ a symbolic act of solidarity against human trafficking, and ‘Expression through Art,’ a stirring painting competition aptly titled ‘Trafficked.’ These dynamic engagements epitomized our collective mission to raise awareness, promote ownership, and enhance public consciousness surrounding the pressing issue of human trafficking in India. Together, we made our voices heard and united as a global force in the “Walk for Freedom ” campaign this October. Thank you to all participants, supporters, and volunteers who have left an indelible mark in the fight against modern slavery. Stay tuned for more inspiring initiatives as we continue our journey to create a more compassionate world.


27 Oct 2023


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