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Gandhi Study Center, of ST PAULS COLLEGE, Bengaluru, organized a Debate competition on 31st October 2023 at Mini auditorium. The program began by a welcome speech by the student coordinator. Dr.Prashant P V(Assistant Professor) Department of Journalism, and Ms.Manasa(Assistant Professor) Department of Language were the judges for the competition. There were around 10 students who participated in the debate both in Kannada and English. The topic for the debate was “Can Gandhiji’s Ideologies Be The Solution For The Present International Conflict”.
We divided the participants into two groups one who supports the topic and the other group who opposes the topic. All the students were actively participated in the debate. The program was concluded with a vote of thanks by Angel. The competition was organized by faculty coordinators Ms.Savathri, Assistant Professor Dept. of Language, and Ms.Greeshma, Assistant Professor Dept. of Computer Science.
The students of ST PAULS COLLEGE gained a Deeper Understanding of Gandhian Ideology. Participants and attendees of the debate competition would have gained a deeper understanding of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology, principles, and nonviolent resistance strategies. The outcome inspires innovative thinking and potential solutions for global issues through nonviolent means and diplomacy.


31 Oct 2023


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