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2023 November

Week 5

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07 Nov 2023


All Day

Workshop on UI & UX Design

Pegasus Association hosted Inspiring workshop on UI/UX Design.
The Department of Computer Science at ST PAULS COLLEGE had the distinct honour of hosting a captivating guest lecture on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design.
The event, held on 07/11/2023, brought together students, faculty to gain insights from an industry expert. The speaker for the afternoon was Arun G Kumar, a renowned UI/UX designer with a wealth of experience in the field. Arun G Kumar is widely recognized for their innovative work in designing, Data Science, JavaScript and React.
The workshop took place in ST PAULS College, and the audience was captivated by the engaging presentation. Arun G Kumar shared their deep knowledge and expertise in UI/UX
design, focusing on the following key areas:

The Fundamentals of UI/UX Design: The lecture began with an overview of the fundamental principles of UI and UX design. Arun G Kumar explained the importance of designing interfaces that are intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-centered.

Case Studies: The guest lecturer showcased several real-world case studies from their portfolio, providing attendees with practical insights into how these principles are applied in actual Computer Science projects. These case studies ranged from mobile app interfaces to website designs, offering a diverse perspective on the subject matter. Computer Science.

Trends: The lecture also delved into current and emerging Computer Science trends in the UI/UX industry. Arun G Kumar discussed the influence of evolving technology and user expectations on Computer Science choices. User-Centred Design: A significant emphasis was placed on designing with the end user in mind. Arun G Kumar stressed the importance of empathy and understanding the target audience to create meaningful and effective user experiences.

Tools and Resources: The lecture included a segment on the tools and resources commonly used in UI/UX design, helping students and aspiring designers to understand the practical
aspects of the profession. The event was not just an opportunity to learn from an expert but also a chance for the audience to engage with the guest lecturer through a Q&A session. Attendees asked thought-provoking questions and received valuable advice and insights in return.

Mr Prakash, the In-Charge- Department of Computer Science, expressed their appreciation for Arun G Kumar’s contribution to the students’ education and the field of UI/UX Design. “This workshop has been truly enriching for our students. It provided them with a fresh perspective on UI/UX Computer Science and the opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best.” The lecture was well-received by attendees, who found it both informative and inspiring. It offered a glimpse into the exciting world of UI/UX design, motivating students to pursue careers in this dynamic field.

ST PAULS COLLEGE continues to be a hub for knowledge sharing and fostering connections between academia and industry. This workshop was another testament to the college’s commitment to providing students with opportunities to learn from experts in various fields. The Department of Computer Science at ST PAULS COLLEGE looks forward to hosting more such insightful and inspiring events in the future, continuing to nurture the talents of young designers and fostering innovation in the world of Computer Science.


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