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2023 November

Week 5

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10 Oct 2023


All Day

World Mental Health Day

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the Department of Psychology at SPC organized a series of engaging and educational activities aimed at promoting mental health awareness and well-being. The event saw enthusiastic participation from faculty, staff members, and students from diverse academic streams.

Open House of Cognitive Games and Assessments:
The day kicked off with an open house featuring a variety of cognitive games and assessments. Participants had the opportunity to engage in activities designed to stimulate their minds and gain insights into cognitive functioning. This interactive session was highly informative and engaging.

Poem Writing and Recitation:
To provide an outlet for creative expression and emotional release, a poem writing and recitation session was organized. Participants penned down their thoughts and feelings, highlighting the importance of mental health. The heartfelt recitations left a powerful impact on the audience, emphasizing the role of art in promoting well-being.

Poster Making Competition:
A poster-making competition centered around mental health themes was another highlight of the event. Students displayed their artistic talents and expressed their views on mental health through colorful and thought-provoking posters. The competition encouraged creative thinking and raised awareness among the participants and spectators.

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