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On the 15th of August 2023, at 12:30 PM, the tantalizing world of chocolate- making unfolded in a delightful workshop that not only satisfied taste buds but also imparted valuable skills. Hosted in association with Rotary Bangalore Vidyaranyapura, the event saw the participation of 45 eager learners who gathered to uncover the secrets of crafting delectable chocolates.
The workshop was led by the proficient Resource Person, Rtn. Ashwini Kulkarani, whose expertise in the art of chocolate-making added a touch of finesse to the event. With a passion for confectionery and a knack for teaching, Ashwini guided participants through the intricate process of tempering, molding, and flavoring chocolates. Her insights into the nuances of chocolate craftsmanship made the experience both educational and indulgent. The event was graced by the presence of Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas M J, who extended a warm welcome to all attendees. In his opening remarks, he highlighted the importance of practical skills and hands-on learning, emphasizing that such workshops not only delight the senses but also contribute to personal and professional growth. As participants delved into the world of chocolate, they not only learned the art of making truffles, pralines, and ganaches but also discovered the science behind achieving the perfect texture and taste. The workshop was a fusion of creativity and precision, as attendees explored various flavor combinations, from classic favorites to innovative concoctions.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr. Prashanth V, who expressed gratitude to Rtn. Ashwini Kulkarani for sharing her expertise and to Rotary Bangalore Vidyaranyapura for their support in organizing this enlightening and mouthwatering event. Dr. Prashanth V highlighted the significance of skill- building workshops in empowering individuals to explore new horizons and embrace lifelong learning.

The Chocolate Making Workshop was more than just a culinary experience; it was an opportunity for participants to acquire a valuable skill set that can be applied in both personal and professional settings. As the aroma of melting chocolate filled the room and participants indulged in their sweet creations, it was evident that this workshop had left a lasting impression, not just in their hearts but in their skill repertoire.


15 Aug 2023


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