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Multimedia Internship

The department of Journalism and Mass Communication organized the 15-days Multimedia Internship from the 20th of March 2024 to 3rd of April 2024. In this duration, the students of multiple colleges came together to learn and collaborate on various aspects of modern-day media production.

Day 1: The students dove into the world of media with hands-on experiences and creative exploration. Our interns were warmly welcomed with a captivating dance performance and an exclusive sneak peek video of what awaits them. During the internship, they had the chance to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of journalism and multimedia. They explored the art of live news reading and gained valuable experience in real-time reporting. The students also dove deep into storytelling with our engaging story-building sessions. They also crafted compelling characters, mapped out narration timelines, and explored the possibilities of scriptwriting for film.

Day 2: This day was fresh and airy as it allowed the interns to explore the Matrix of Digital Marketing, through an insightful session by the Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Shaiju Joseph. After delving with the multiverse of the digital realm, the interns explored the basics of photography. Lights, Camera, Cheers they said as they posed and focused onto the various subjects. The interns then explored Adobe Photoshop where they learnt how to make posters. Stay tuned to follow their creative journey ahead.

Day 3: The third day of the multifaceted Multimedia Internship explored creative expression through a session on Digital Marketing and Social Media Content Creation by Rev. Dr. Father Shaiju Joseph, Vice Principal. Later, the interns were encouraged to dress up as the characters that they built in the Day 1 Character-building session. These characters were then photographed and the basics of Photoshoot and Photography were explored. These photos were used to learn applications of Adobe Photoshop where the interns learnt the art of creating Movie Posters.

Day 4 of the Multimedia Internship delved into Film Production and its various facets. This day’s session on Pre-Production and Production Techniques conducted by Ms. Ananya N K, explored the different genres and possible aspects of Film Story Building. By understanding the narrative techniques, the interns recalled their favorite works of film that followed the various approaches to film storytelling. The interns also learned Script Writing software and techniques. The second half of the day explored video editing as the interns were shown three short movies and were taught to make teasers using the same.
Day 5 was filled with fun and individualistic exploration of art and culture as the interns were involved in an entertaining session on Post Production techniques. In this session, they explored the 180-degree rule, the camera angles, movements, and the hidden meanings of frame and camera placement. The second half involved an Ad Shoot where the interns were encouraged to act for a production for an Advertisement.

Valedictorian event: Our Multimedia Internship has reached its finale on the 3rd of April 2024. From captivating dance performances to immersive sessions on journalism, digital marketing, film production, and more, each day has been a whirlwind of learning and growth. Speaking at the valedictorian event organized on the 3rd of April 2024, the interns received messages of encouragement and appreciation for their creative expression from Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas MJ, Principal, and Rev. Fr. Dr. Shaiju Joseph, Vice Principal.


20 Mar 2024 - 03 Apr 2024


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