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ST PAULS COLLEGE hosted PAULAKALA 24, an inter-collegiate cultural fest, on 17th May 2024. The event began with a grand inauguration and a presidential address by our principal, Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas MJ. His inspiring words set the tone for a day filled with artistic expression and competitive spirit.
The fest featured a variety of events, including Duet Dance, Reel Making, Dance Face Off, Solo Singing, Group Singing, Group Dance, and a Fashion Show. Each event was a showcase of talent, creativity, and hard work, with participants demonstrating remarkable skills. Over 23 colleges took part in the fest, bringing together a diverse group of students eager to compete and share their talents.
The Duet Dance competition highlighted the synchronization and chemistry between pairs of dancers, while the Reel Making contest displayed students’ prowess in creating engaging and thought-provoking short videos. The Dance Face Off was a high-energy event where solo dancers impressed the audience with their dynamic moves and stage presence.
In the Solo Singing competition, participants captivated the audience with their vocal performances, ranging from soulful ballads to energetic pop songs. The Group Singing and Group Dance events emphasized teamwork and coordination, with groups delivering harmonious and visually stunning performances. The Fashion Show was a grand finale, featuring creative and stylish outfits that wowed the audience.
The valedictory ceremony featured Mr. Nihal, a professional contemporary movement artist and theatre actor, as the chief guest. He commended the participants for their exceptional performances and encouraged them to continue pursuing their artistic passions. The event concluded with the distribution of prizes and overall trophies, celebrating the achievements of the talented participants.
PAULAKALA 24 was a resounding success, providing a platform for students to express their creativity and fostering a spirit of camaraderie among the colleges. The fest was a memorable celebration of culture and talent, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating next year’s event.


17 May 2024


All Day
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