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The ST PAULS DAY celebration 2024

The ST PAULS DAY celebration on January 25, 2024, unfolded as a tapestry of spiritual
and cultural expressions, underscoring the college's commitment to academic
excellence and values. The event commenced with a soul-stirring invocation and prayer
by the choir, setting a deeply spiritual tone for the celebration. A captivating prayer
dance followed, seamlessly blending artistic expression with spiritual reverence. Ms.
Saranya, the coordinator of LCA, then welcomed the audience, skillfully providing
context and setting the stage for the day's proceedings. The college principal delivered
a message, sharing profound insights into the institution's journey and emphasizing its
unwavering commitment to academic excellence and values. A theatrical skit portraying
the transformative journey of individuals resonated with the ethos of St. Paul's
teachings. The cultural event, featuring a special song composed by the choir,
beautifully encapsulated the essence of St. Paul's teachings. Ms. Greeshma expressed
heartfelt gratitude in the vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective efforts that made
the event a success. Ms.Samra was the emcee for the function. The celebration

concluded with the stirring rendition of the college anthem by the choir, fostering a deep
sense of unity and pride among the staff and students. As a symbol of camaraderie and
team spirit, fellowship games were organized, and the day culminated in a communal
lunch, creating an atmosphere of togetherness. In reflection, the event not only
commemorated the college's founding but also conveyed the transformative message of
St. Paul, promoting faith and unity among the college community.


25 Jan 2024


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