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While classroom lectures are essential in laying down the foundation for a subject, the hands-on experience the students gain in a lab is of crucial importance. In order to understand the concepts clearly, one should have a working knowledge. Well-equipped and state-of-the-art labs in the college not only gives students the opportunity to solve problems and conduct experiments with real-life situations, but it also helps them to work in a team. The college has computer labs, media lab, psychology lab, commerce lab, business lab, language lab and professional studio to give practical training in respective fields.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer lab is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and all the major application software which help to impart education. The lab is equipped with internet and is open even after class hours to meet students’ computing needs. Effective lab assistance is also provided to help the students.

Media Laboratory

The Media Lab at ST PAULS COLLEGE is one of its kinds. Unhindered by traditional disciplines, our students are taught and trained in designing and artistic works. The well-qualified faculty help students to excel in editing and designing the print, electronic and online media.

Over 20 professional systems, both iMac and Windows, provide students with the opportunity to work on their portfolios. The modern microphones, headphones, headphone mixers, stands with DSLR camera and Video Camera along with latest software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe, Maya, Pro Tools, Coral Draw, Quark Express, etc., make the media lab a unique one to match the industry.

Psychology Laboratory

Psychology course in the college is a platform to fulfil the aspirations of all the students by contributing towards the development of the field of Psychology and in turn contribute to the wellbeing of the society. The goal of this program is to introduce to students a wide variety of topics, perspectives, levels of inquiry and research, and prepare them for a postgraduate program in fields such as Development, Industrial, Social and Clinical Psychology.

The well-equipped psychology lab enables students and faculty in learning and research with assessment tests standardized in universities both in India and abroad. The lab is in a conducive area for students to have individual experiments and learn the use of various tests and assessments to be effective psychologists.

The practical sessions of various specializations like Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Industrial Psychology are conducted in the lab to understand their applications.

Experiments are conducted on areas such as:

  • Memory and Learning
  • Psycho Physics and Perception
  • Thinking
  • Assessment of Intelligence
  • Assessment of Aptitude
  • Assessment of Attitude
  • Assessment of Personality
  • Assessment of Interests
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