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Library Advisory Committee

Fr. Dr. Thomas M J PrincipalCommittee HeadHumanities
Fr. Dr Sajith CyriacVice PrincipalCommittee CoordinatorJournalism and Mass Communication
Fr. Arockia SwamyAdministratorFinance HeadAdmin
Mr. Mahesh M SLibrarianSecretaryLibrary
Ms. Malini T SLibrarianMemberLibrary
Dr. V. BabuHOD, Dept of Commerce & ManagementMemberCommerce and Management
Mr. Jenin Raj SHOD, PG Dept of Journalism & Mass CommunicationMemberJournalism & Mass Communication
Ms. Saranya FrancisAsst. Professor(Faculty incharge of Library)Language and Humanities
Mr. Nagaraja PAsst. Administrative OfficerMemberOffice
Mr. Lakxman KhotStudentInternBA-II Year
Shruthi YStudentInternB.Com -II Year
Jeevan MStudentInternBBA- III Year

Co-ordinator: Mr. Mahesh M.S.
Phone: 77601 43239
Email: [email protected]

The function of the library committee is to support the functioning of the library. It can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management. The purpose of the library committee is to act as a channel of communication between the library and its users.

Besides this, for smooth functioning of the library and safeguarding the interest of all library users, formation of policies, rules & regulations, and implementation of the library policies in a judicious manner, an infrastructure is needed for the library. To meet all the above objectives the library is advised by a library committee with the following representatives.

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