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Masters in Arts

Journalism & Mass Communication

About the Course

Our Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication programme not only focuses on journalism across all media, but also backs it up with modules on design of the newspaper, advertising, writing skills, video production, photography, and corporate communication, and thus opens up several career pathways to the students. These modules on journalism rest on a strong foundation of contemporary history, polity, social sciences, environment, computer science and research. The expansive, vital and rapidly changing roles of communication are covered in great depth.

Our state-of-the-art media lab and studio offers excellent facilities for developing practical media skills, so critical to a student’s future career. The program in mass communication has a multi-pronged approach towards subjects like print, broadcast, video, film and new age media.

Our students  will have the opportunity to present and publish research papers in seminars and conferences, participate in debate and talk shows in media houses on various topics.

The degree will open the doors to numerous careers in all sorts of media and industries like advertising, public relations, marketing, and in areas such as health care, politics, gaming, and entertainment.


To set world standards in the field of journalism and communication to build a knowledge-driven society characterized by human and social values.


  • To promote new ideas, creativity and research in the field media 
  • To improve and strengthen media literacy among students
  • To prepare students to be ready for a media industry

Available Specialisations

  Journalism & Mass Communication


The objective of the department is to impart theoretical knowledge blended with practical experience. We guide and enthuse our students to gain a professional touch already at the undergraduate level. The department publishes a fortnightly Newsletter PAULA PATHRIKA, a daily Newsletter DAILY CHRONICLE, a quarterly magazine COSMOS, a monthly coffee table book photo magazine LenCa and ST PAULS TV which covers all the activities of the college and telecasts them regularly in the college. All such publications offer our students apt forums to showcase and finetune their journalistic talents. Our students also have a YouTube channel, DHRISTI, where documentaries on the life of people in and around our college and in the city are posted.

Mass Communication

Mass Communication is an integral part of many Master’s programs, offering students a specialized and comprehensive understanding of communication theories, strategies, and practices. This field emphasizes effective communication through various media platforms, including journalism, public relations, advertising, and digital media. A Master’s degree in Mass Communication equips students with advanced skills in research, critical analysis, and strategic planning, preparing them for rewarding careers in media, marketing, corporate communications, and more.

Industry Links

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication boasts strong industry connections that offer students unique opportunities in the film and media sector. Field visits and guest lectures have been organized with prestigious media houses such as The Hindu, Prajavani, Deccan Herald, Times of India, NDTV, Public TV, TV9, Red FM, Radio One, and Maya Films.

We also collaborate with our sister institution, ST PAULS INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATION EDUCATION (SPICE), Mumbai, to organize industry visits. In their earlier trips to Mumbai, students of MA Journalism and Mass Communication visited the National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC) and the MIRROR NOW news channel.

Additionally, our ties with agencies like Adfactors, Concept PR, Suchitra Cinema, and Cultural Academy offer mentorship for aspiring screenwriters and directors. Guest lectures by leading industry figures provide invaluable insights into current practices, ensuring students are well-prepared for careers in mass media.

Our guest speakers have previously included:

  • Vishweshwar Bhat, Editor in Chief, Vishwavani
  • Maya Sharma – NDTV
  • M B Jayaram – Chief Mentor – Public Relations Council of India
  • RT Kumar Ranganthan – Chairman – Oysters Communications
  • Swati Bakshi – Deutsch Welle (DW Hindi), Germany
  • Vijayalakshmi Shibaroor – Special Investigative Correspondent – Vaicom18 network.
  • Gaurish Akki – Senior News Anchor
  • K Gopinathan – Chief Photographer – The Hindu
  • Sridevi S – Senior Correspondent – Times of India
  • Jahnavi Ravindra – Reporter – The Hindu
  • Ajay Kumar – Independent Ad Filmmaker
  • Vivaswan Rajesh – Indian Radio Jockey – Radio City

Job Opportunities

Journalist, Editorial Assistant, Content Writers, Editor, Proof Reader, Web Content Manager, Copywriter, Multimedia Specialist, Public Relations Officer, Translator, Lecturer, Script Writer, Screenwriter, Advertiser, Lawyer, Researcher, Scholar, Public Relations Officer, etc.





University Ranks



Ocin Lepcha, student of MA Journalism and Mass Communication (Batch 2019-2021), achieved first rank at the University level.



Hetvi Bhavesh Vashi, student of MA Journalism and Mass Communication (Batch 2019-2021), achieved second rank at the University level.

What Our Students Say

Almida Adriel Peter

Video Content Producer, CricTracker (
(MA, JMC, Batch 2021-2023)

It has been an incredible journey for me as a student of MA Journalism and Mass Communication. The curriculum strikes a perfect balance between theory and practical learning, equipping us with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the media industry. The hands-on experience and industry exposure provided here are invaluable, shaping us into well-rounded professionals ready to make our mark in the field.

Balaraj S

Reporter, UDAYAVANI – Kannada Daily
(MA, JMC, Batch 2021-2023)

The department of JMC offered a transformative learning experience for me. The teachers meticulously impart both theoretical insights and practical skills essential for a successful career in media and communication. Beyond academics, the college fosters a culture of innovation and creativity, encouraging us to think outside the box and push our boundaries. I am grateful for the exposure provided by the college through internships, collaborations, and guest lectures, which have broadened my perspective and prepared me to navigate the competitive media landscape."

Sharlaine Menezes

Content Writer & Musician
(MA, JMC, Batch 2020-2022)

As a student of MA Journalism and Mass Communication at ST PAULS COLLEGE, I've had the privilege of learning from some of the faculty members who are not just knowledgeable but also approachable, always willing to support and nurture our talents. The course curriculum is dynamic, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving print media landscape. Additionally, the college has provided us with real-world experience and networking prospects, enhancing our readiness for the professional sphere.

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