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Pegasus: Computer Science Associaion

The primary purpose of the Humanities Club is to provide a platform for students who are either pursuing or are interested in the humanities. The Club encourages the students to be actively involved in activities related to Literature, Psychology, Journalism and Political Science.

The Computer Science Association of ST PAULS COLLEGE is a platform which emphasises on “Technology for All”, which is a forum that is not limited to people who pursue computer science but all those who have passion for technology irrespective of their course. It serves as an information sharing hub where students brain storm and help each other to get a head start in their careers. The primary objective is to keep the students up to date on the current trends of technology. The association aims to create awareness on key topics such as: cyber-stalking, scams, identity theft, cyber bullying, hacking, honey trap, data manipulation and fraud. Frequent club activities will be conducted to keep everyone engaged such as:

  • Monthly quiz
  • Debates
  • Coding and debugging
  • AI Awareness
  • Outreach program
  • Industrial visit
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