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Photography Club

ST PAULS Photography Club was started to provide a professional touch to the budding photographers and to those who have photography in their dream. The club comprises of a blend of students who want to capture and create beauty. It aims to create the opportunities for every student to discover the artist within themselves and also gives them the platform to paint their dreams into reality.


  • To provide a supportive environment for students interested in photography to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography
  • To train the students to have an artist’s taste for beauty and a poet’s expression for emotions which would thereby emulate technical concepts and ideas into reality
  • To encourage students to express their thoughts and emotions through art or photography
  • To make students to learn the transformation of technical facts into real-time applications
  • To inculcate the habit of imagination of beauty and art by empowering them to become young photographers

Action Plan

  • Organize workshops/events along with Photography Diploma students
  • Organize sessions on: introduction to photography, basic concepts of photography, basics of lighting, different forms, functions and importance of Lighting, semiotics and analysing visuals and the concepts of photography in different forms.
  • Club members will be given first preference to shoot for the college events and activities.
  • Club members can avail 25% discount on photography workshops conducted in the college and will be given permission to take part in any outdoor activities conducted for Photography, outside class hours.

Coordinator: Mr. Anoop Antony – 7795095955

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