Pro GST Accountant


  • Develop application knowledge of GST in real world situations.
  • Develop good understanding of important concepts like forward charge mechanism, reverse charge mechanism, composite supply, etc.

About the Course

Duration of the Program (semester & hours): V Sem BCom /BBA & 15 hours

The Pro GST Accountant course helps deep understanding into the rewarding world of GST Practice. It gives you a 360 degree exposure on all aspects of GST. This course will help students to become a full-fledged GST practitioner by giving practical experience and exposing to real industry scenarios.



Overview and Concept of GST • Registration Procedure • Invoicing, payment and accounting • GST Levy, exemption, rates and payments • GST Portal, Online System and Job work

Job Opportunities

Finance dept of companies, KPO’s and Chartered Accountant office