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Returns & Refunds

Execution of online order(s) & payments received are subject to acceptance of following terms and conditions

ST PAULS COLLEGE reserves the right to accept or reject the order at its’ sole discretion. Once your “order” is accepted, the acceptance will constitute a binding contract between the user and ST PAULS COLLEGE.

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. Orders will have to be placed at least 5 days in advance before the expected date of delivery.

Refund for payment due to any cancellation of order(s) will not be made.

The charges quoted are inclusive of delivery, packing and forwarding but not inclusive of taxes and levies there on, if applicable. The buyer shall be responsible for all such applicable taxes and levies .

ST PAULS COLLEGE reserves the right to increase, decrease, alter, change the prices of the products/items on online sale.

If you choose Credit Card as the mode of payment, your name as purchaser should be the same as mentioned on your Credit Card being used for making payment for the purchases.

The postal address(es) at which delivery/ries of a product(s) is/are expected should be correct, complete and include landmarks if possible.

Address(es) containing only or with PO Box(es) number(s) is not acceptable.

ST PAULS COLLEGE neither warranties and/or guarantees delivery/ries of the product(s).

ST PAULS COLLEGE is not liable for any damages due to wrong deliveries on account of incorrect name(s), address(es) provided by the Buyer.

Acknowledgement given through writing name or signature or a stamp or a combination of any of the stated above on the slip provided by the Courier Service towards receipt of a package to the person delivering the package shall remain the conclusive proof of acceptance of the package through courier. Email replies will be sent to the user as proof of delivery.

ST PAULS COLLEGE is not liable to pay any damages due to non-delivery on account of non-availiability of the receiver.

ST PAULS COLLEGE will make all attempts to deliver ordered item/product on the desired/expected dates as per the rules of the shipping and/or courier company. In case of a national holiday or a government holiday, the delivery will be made on the day following the holidays as per the rules of the shipping and/or courier company. Any delay in delivery will not entitle the user/receiver to any damages or compensation.

ST PAULS COLLEGE is not liable for any damage(s) in case of deterioration in the quality of the perishable items/products due to delays.

ST PAULS COLLEGE is not liable for any damages(s) neither to the user nor to the receiver due wear & tear, breakage, defacing of the product or package during the transit.

ST PAULS COLLEGE reserves the right to alter, append, amend, change and revise any of the terms & conditions or a part thereof state herein above at any point of time.

The above terms & conditions and disputes arising there from shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India and subject to the jurisdiction of competent courts at Bangalore, Karnataka only.

The user agrees that ST PAULS COLLEGE will not be liable for any default, delay or lapse occurring due to reasons of force majeure including war, risk, strike, theft, tempest, coward strikes, change of law or any act of God.

Other Instructions & Information

Please use the online order form to place your orders. We take best of our efforts to deliver on the dates mentioned by you. Please use the “Address Details” & “Payment” which appears on the page where you will give all your shipping & payment details. Lead time for dispatch is 48 hours.

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