Sarvam: Diversity Promotion Club

Unity in Diversity is the cornerstone of the philosophy of our great nation and ST PAULS COLLEGE, Bengaluru takes pride in safeguarding and promoting the value of diversity in all walks of life through Sarvam – Diversity Promotion Club. The objectives of the club are: To promote the idea of diversity including but not limited to ethnic, gender, linguistic, geographic, literary, culinary, cultural and religious diversity. To inculcate the lofty ideals of equality, diversity and inclusion in the students through its various activity. To nurture a culture of broad awareness and genuine respect for people and practices from all walks of life. Some of the activities of the club are:

  • Inter-Religious Prayer Service
  • Geographic Diversity Programmes
  • Celebration of Festivals
  • Awareness Poster Display

Coordinator: Ms. Saranya Francis – 80500 09999