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ST PAULS COLLEGE provides financial aid to deserving as well as financially challenged and poor students through its own scholarship programmes. Even at the admission level, the administration establishes criteria for giving scholarships to outstanding applicants (refer to the website for the percentage of management scholarships for the criteria for awarding scholarships at the entrance level). Economically Poor students are given special consideration, and the nation’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is also taken into consideration.

The college also administers scholarships supported by social welfare division of Bangalore University and by national or state social welfare organisations. The student welfare section of the college administration office provides all the help required to submit an application for scholarships provided by national, state, and non-governmental organisations.

Kindly contact Mrs. Uma, Office Staff for more details.

  1. Merit Scholarship
  2. Economically Poor Scholarship
  3. SC/ST Scholarship
  4. Minority Scholarship
  5. Sports Scholarship.
  1. Backward Classes Welfare Department Scheme

  2. Social Welfare Department Scheme

  3. Tribal Welfare Department Scheme

  4. Minorities Welfare Department Scheme

  5. Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board Scheme

  6. Department of Disability Welfare

  7. Karnataka Labour Welfare Scholarship


  1. Ministry of Minority Affairs. (Post Matric Scholarships Scheme Minorities)

  2. Department of Higher Education (Centre Sector Scheme of Scholarships for College and University)

  3. Vidyasarathi

  1. Keep India Smiling Foundational Scholarship & mentorship Programme
  2. Santoor Scholarship
  3. Fair & Lovely Scholarship
  4. Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship
  5. Buddy4Study (Information Portal)
  6. HDFC Bank Parivartan’s ECS Scholarship
  7. Mi Scholarship
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