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6 Trends that BBA Graduates Should Track in 2023!

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The Job market has witnessed a massive surge in competition and turbulence among candidates over the last two years. Thanks to the pandemic, the condition isn’tisn’t likely to be tranquil in 2023.

Since the job market is volatile, it becomes necessary for a candidate to stay on top of all the changing trends and updates. On the other hand, in 2022, the market saw exponential growth in openings than there were candidates. Similarly, in 2023 we can expect to witness a rise in job listings as organizations across the Globe try to expand and build back from the pandemic.

We’ve identified some top trends you should expect to see in the BBA industry in 2023 and explained why these trends would be game-changing. In this article, you’ll find all the latest information you need to keep yourself updated in the field of BBA in 2023.

Business Administration has been a popular choice for many students aspiring to pursue business and positions at top organizations. The course has seen a steep 15% rise in the past few years. Since many students are opting for a degree in BBA rather than engineering and medicine. The reason for this development is the diverse disciplines of the BBA course. This article attempts to explain some of Bangalore’s BBA course trending disciplines.

  •    BBA Business Analytics

BBA Business Analytics provides students with a deep comprehension of business and management strategies that implies methodical and strategic analysis of the data that drive towards achieving financial goals for the company. All the aspiring students will have a firm hold of emerging data analytics trends across the Globe.

In this particular degree, students will study topics such as Data Analysis, Data Mining, Lead Management, and Revenue Generation. IT giants like Accenture, Infosys, Capgemini, Wipro, TCS, Adobe etc., largely hire students with a BBA in Business Analytics students in Bangalore.

  •    BBA Finance and Accountancy 

BBA Finance and Accountancy still spur more demand in the job market, another popular choice for many desiring positions in Banks and FMCGs. This course focuses on subjects associated with finance and accounting management. Finance and accounting are important characteristics of any business or organization. Only qualified professionals can handle such important aspects.

Many organizations employ a large number of students with skills related to finance and accounting. Banks, FMCGs, Service-based companies, and consumer goods companies are the ones hiring Finance and accountancy professionals.

  •    BBA Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry has witnessed a drastic surge during the past few decades bringing a larger scope for BBA degree holders. More and more people travelling worldwide have increased the demand for tour operators and related industries across the Globe. Tourism is among the most rewarding and active economic sectors for many countries, including India. BBA Travel and Tourism graduates are primarily hired by companies such as Thomas Cook, Cox & Kings, Emirates, Air India, Trivago, Make My Trip and many more.

  •    BBA Global

BBA Global students learn the techniques and concepts of international trade and finance

Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of exchanging goods and services, capital and services required for international trade and markets. A BBA Global degree will take you and your career to greater heights, especially for those students aspiring to work abroad and in other countries. BBA Global students have many employment opportunities in the industry. They are mainly employed by leading multinational and large corporations with international trade relationships.

Some areas where BBA students are hired :

  •    BBA in Information Technology

The BBA in Information Technology is a comprehensive degree in the basic and functional fields of information technology and management. In this course, students will learn about new IT sector business trends. Degrees include the IT curriculum for computer science, information database management, networking information technology, information management theory, and related technology applications. Companies such as United Airlines, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Google, and Microsoft constantly post positions for BBA IT Graduates.

  •    BBA in Human Resource

The BBA in HR course is still a main course in the industry; the Human Resource Management BBA is one of the most popular UG management courses. This course combines common management practices with expert training in human resource management. Human resources are among the most respected departments because they play an important role in developing a company’s corporate policy. Major startups and companies across the Globe often hire BBA HR graduates.

Students in a business administration bachelor’s curriculum learn how to offer managerial solutions for ongoing organisational problems. Students will investigate how effective management and conventional marketing can improve a company’s performance. They learn about company procedures and practises in addition to being fully informed about current market changes. We’re the Best BBA College in Bangalore, India ,our vision is to provide academic excellence and value-based education to create professionals for a better tomorrow.

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