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Top MA Colleges in Bangalore

Companies Hiring M.A. Graduates


“You’ll be jobless after doing your M.A.”. That’s what you have been hearing all your life, right? “You will have to prepare for government jobs,” and “No companies will hire you”. This is what most of the students, as well as parents, think. It is true to some extent, but one specialization under the M.A. degree almost guarantees you a job. M.A. in journalism/mass communication is the most rewarding M.A. degree, proven statistically. When misinformation spreads like fire, religious intolerance is very low, and the public is lost in opinions, it is the need of the hour for today’s youth to learn mass communication. In 2023, news/information will be passed down to people in many ways. Newspapers, Radio, T.V. and digital platforms offer great job opportunities to M.A. graduates. In the following list, we will clear your misconception and inform you of all the job opportunities for an M.A. Journalism pass-out.

  •         Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times was introduced in 1924 by Mahatma Gandhi. It is the 2nd most-read English newspaper in India. You can apply to work at Hindustan Times directly from their website. They will check your profile, and if you meet their requirement, congratulations, you have a job. Hindustan Times is a prestigious organization and an excellent place to start your career.

  • Times Group

Times Group is India’s largest media conglomerate. It has various T.V. channels, newspapers, websites, social media accounts and some event management companies. Their business is widespread, and hence they have many jobs to offer. You can apply on their website as per your field of interest. It would be best if you had a good profile and some journalism internships backing you to get a job under Times Group.

  •   India Today Group

A prevalent media group that has proved its excellence in all fields with a best-selling magazine, T.V. news channel and digital media. To work at India Today, you must be creative and ready to face challenges. You can upload your resume on their website; they will respond if they find it interesting.

  • The Hindu

The Hindu has named itself the most scholarly paper in India, referred by intellectuals and aspirants of esteemed exams. They have a leading English-language newspaper and a website. To write and work for The Hindu, you must be skilled and proficient in English writing. You can apply on their website directly and get a job through screening.

  • Zee Network

Zee Network has the highest number of channels in South Asia. They have channels in almost every famous Indian Language. Zee is the place to go if you are interested in working as a broadcast journalist and want to contribute to your local language. They have vacancies for almost all posts under journalism. You can upload your resume on their website.

  • The Indian Express

Standing firmly for over 75 years, Indian Express has made a name among its readers. Once the primary nationalist paper in the freedom struggle is still strong, if you believe in strong writing, you should apply at The Indian Express. First, use their official website; after reviewing your resume, they will hire you.

  •    Star India

We must recognize all the sports enthusiasts reading this article. Star India has 48 channels in 8 languages for their viewers. They earn the most through their sports channels. You can work as a sports broadcaster if you are passionate about sports. They usually check your profile, giving you the job after an interview.

  •    Digital Platforms

News is no more restricted to T.V. or newspapers only. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are extensively used to spread the word. You can start your page/channel or work for established digital news channels.

  • Radio 

The magic in your voice can get you a job too. R.J. is a trendy job among youngsters, but to become an R.J., you must be talented. Radio stations like Radio Mirchi, All India Radio, Red FM, etc., always seek young talents. You can follow their official pages and apply whenever they post a job vacancy.

  •   Social Work

The last mention in this article is not a typical journalism job, but you can use your journalistic prowess to do good for society.

You can change lives using your speaking or writing skills. Working at NGOs like Smile Foundation or Give India can be an excellent experience for someone who likes doing social work.

We have tried to provide all job opportunities for M.A. students under this article. The students reading this must know that getting these jobs is more challenging than it looks. As mentioned in the above article, you must build a strong profile to land a job at these esteemed companies.


Why MA at ST PAULS College, Bengaluru?

Ø Emphasis on practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge. 

Ø Guidance by faculty that have immense field expertise.

Ø Online seminars and regular webinars keep students updated on the latest trends.

Ø Opportunities in print, broadcast and digital media to build a strong profile

Ø Campus placements and strong networks make the selection procedure smooth

Our Master of Arts in Journalism And Mass Communication programme not only focuses on journalism across all media, but also backs it up with modules on design of the newspaper, advertising, writing skills, video production, photography and corporate communication, and thus opens up several career pathways to the students. We’re the Top MA Colleges in Bangalore offering MA in Journalism & Mass communication,  the degree will open the doors to numerous careers in all sorts of media and industries like advertising, public relations, marketing, and in areas such as health care, politics, gaming, and entertainment.

We hope the article clarifies all your confusion regarding the M.A. degree. To read more such articles, you can visit the college website.



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