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Top BSC Colleges In India

Top BSC Colleges In Bangalore, India

10 Start-Ups/Companies Hiring BSC Computer Science Freshers in 2023


What comes to your mind when I say science? Probably the laws of physics, chemical equations, or biological phenomena, right? This is what we have been taught traditionally about science. But, in 2023, the science that matters is data science/computer science. We live in a digital world, and data flows around everywhere. People who understand computers and know their language are the ones that are in demand. It may not be wrong to say that BSC in Computer Science is the most rewarding degree. Here I’ll prove this statement by providing you with ten start-ups and companies eagerly waiting to hire computer science graduates.


With no surprise, the first company on the list is our favorite, Amazon. The world’s largest e-commerce company needs a big team of people handling the back-end operations, and hence they are always on the lookout for computer science graduates.

  • Deloitte

Just as Amazon is the ruler of the e-commerce space, Deloitte leads the world in providing professional services networks. They need a team of trained professionals to keep data flow smooth and transparent. Interested computer science graduates can apply via their website or join their off-campus drives

  • Infosys

Suppose you are an IT professional in India. In that case, it is almost certain that you have come across this company once in your lifetime. Infosys is a dream company for many and is a global tech giant. It is very well known for bulk hirings and often provides a holistic work experience to computer science graduates. They come for campus placements and can also be applied via their company website.

  • TCS(Tata Consultancy Services)

It would be unfair to talk about Infosys and not its arch-rival TCS. The number 1 IT consultancy company in India, TCS provides more than 50,000 jobs to computer science freshers.TCS is a top-rated company to start your journey and build a stable career in IT services.

  • Wipro

Another widespread name among IT job seekers is a very renowned tech service provider Wipro. They hire computer science students, train them and give them a world-class infrastructure to help them in their career progression. Wipro hires many freshers from campus placements and takes in direct applications based on your CV. You can start your journey in IT in Wipro.

  • HCL

HCL can be seen as an activity club for all the computer science graduates. HCL has been a tech, software and hardware giant in India. It has been hiring computer science graduates in great numbers every year. HCL has been offering core software jobs to CS graduates.

  • Tech Mahindra

It is highly doubtful that anyone has invested more money than tech Mahindra to build our country’s software infrastructure. It places itself consistently among the top IT firms in the country. It is an excellent place for CS freshers to start their professional careers.

  • IBM

International Business Machines has been a stand-out name in IT services for close to a hundred years now. The legacy is unfathomable. It is generally tricky for CS freshers to get a job at IBM but skilled professionals in software development can apply through their website

  • Microsoft

All of us have heard the name Microsoft. It would be great to start your IT journey with the company that revolutionized computers for us.

  • Google

Google is a dream company for every individual who desires a job. Thus, it is tough to get a job there. They go for campus placements only in a few selected companies. To get a job at Google, you need to be very proficient in your field and have proper guidance.

        How does St Pauls College, Bengaluru prepare you to get into these companies??

        A fully functional computer lab with all the software pre installed.

        Trained faculty to guide you in your IT journey from start to end.

        Introduction of advanced courses like gamification and ethical hacking

        Online webinars and seminars to give an all-around idea about the subject.

        Placement cell that keeps you updated about the latest job opportunities.

We’re the Top BSC Colleges In Bangalore, India will help you reach your dream career. We Provide academic excellence and value-based education to create professionals for a better tomorrow.

After reading this article, we hope that you are all pumped up to join our computer science course. We will be more than happy to be a part of your journey. Adopt the science of the digital era and change the world.

For more information about our courses, you can check St Pauls College website or read other articles to clear any further doubts regarding your career.


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