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Department of Languages

The Department of Languages of ST PAULS COLLEGE, Bangalore is at the forefront of language education on campus and has been a nurturing ground of creative expression since its inception. The department is actively involved in training students in their chosen second language and currently caters to Hindi, Kannada and Additional English students of all disciplines on campus. The department facilitates a disciplined yet enjoyable understanding of the prescribed texts and spares no efforts to expose the students to the nuances of the language outside of their textbooks. Regular field visits to centers of literature and culture and activities that encourage an appreciation of language and art are an integral part of the department calendar.


To facilitate appreciation of text and thought among students and equip them to utilize language as a tool of cooperation and co-habitation in a world that is communication driven.


  • To act as a bridge between text and thought
  • Promote an appreciation of culture and traditions through language
  • To instill in students a sense of belonging through understanding one’s own literature
  • To facilitate better appreciation of diversity and inclusivity among the student fraternity
  • To facilitate better appreciation of translations, cross-referencing and hybrid writing
  • To offer, through language, an opportunity for students to explore one’s own linguistic identity, legacy and history

Languages Offered

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