Research Promotion Cell

Quest for knowledge is the basic principle behind every research. The role of research in the academic institutions is of fundamental importance for its sustainability and development in the modern world. The society benefits from quality research and ST PAULS COLLEGE is committed to ensure the same. The quality of teaching and learning in the classroom depends greatly on the quality of research work. However, quality research has become one of the greatest challenges in the education system today.

The Research Promotion Cell of ST PAULS COLLEGE is responsible for planning and developing the research promotion activities of the college. It streamlines and provides overall direction to the research in the college. It is important to bring enthusiasts of related fields together so that they can meet, discuss, share their ideas and learn from others. Hence staff and students are facilitated to present research papers in national and international conferences and take part in seminars and conferences organized in different parts of the country. The college also provides incentives to staff who engage in research activity. Different conferences, seminars and workshops organized in the college provide a first-hand experience to the students and staff in the field of research. The encouraging academic environment, well-equipped library, adequate infrastructure, sufficient funds, modern labs, etc., significantly contribute to the research program of the college.

Faculty Research:

The institution focusses on enhancing research activities and organizing various National Level Conferences with an inter-disciplinary approach by fusing knowledge streams of various disciplines. Faculty present and publish papers in UGC recognized journals by participating in various National, State and University level conferences, seminars and workshops. Some of the faculty members of the institute are also pursuing Ph.D. in various disciplines. The institution encourages research by providing incentives to the faculty for paper publications and presentations every semester.

Students Research:

ST PAULS COLLEGE takes pride in students’ research paper presentations and publications. The departments make sure that the students participate in various national, state and university level conferences and seminars. Students of the college have won many best paper awards and prizes. The respective subject faculty provides necessary assistance to the students that even the UG level students are able to prepare and present research papers and win awards competing at the level of PG and faculty of other colleges.


  1. Develop a research culture among the staff and students
  2. Inform about the funds available for research
  3. Suggest various measures to be taken for the promotion of research
  4. Organize workshops and conferences on research methodology and innovative practices in research
  5. Ensure good practices in research and inform about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  6. Encourage outstanding researchers with research awards

Coordinator: Dr. Babu V. – 99864 40834