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Sports Club

The Sports Club is established to develop athleticism and to keep students healthy in body and in mind. It provides coaching in athletics and games for committed performers. The sports department coordinates inter-collegiate events and intra-collegiate events which help students to perform well in all sports and games events at College, University, State and National Level. Qualified coaches train students in athletics and games like basketball, volleyball, throwball, kabaddi and cricket. The Sports Club takes up the responsibility of organizing the intra-collegiate events—ST PAULS ATHLETIC MEET and BAT (Sports). Organizing ST PAULS CUP, an inter-collegiate volleyball tournament is also the responsibility of the Sports Club. The club also takes initiatives to organize sports and physical activity to the Govt. School children.


  • To help learn teamwork, and coordination among diverse cultural and ethnic groups
  • To instil in them values of discipline, time, precision and competitiveness
  • To raise awareness about sporting and leisure facilities available in the campus
  • To encourage students to participate in university, state, national and international tournaments
  • To increase health and wellbeing of students and faculty
  • To promote sports and physical activity in children in the villages adopted by the college

Coordinator: Mr. Manjunatha V. – 9535086059

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