Degree Course from Bangalore University



Expanding the scientific and professional knowledge of an individual and applying the same practically to enhance one’s holistic growth and well-being. 


To identify the potentials and competencies of the students in order to facilitate research and technical knowledge by providing dynamic opportunities to produce future pioneers of the field.

About the Course

The relevance of Psychology in present day and time is undeniable and creating professionals with deeper insights into the subject is the need of the hour. The Master of Science in Psychology at ST PAULS COLLEGE is a two-year full-time program affiliated to Bangalore University. This program seeks to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the key concepts, methodologies and applications of the field. It is designed to ensure grasp and command over the subject by providing theoretical, research and applied perspectives to understand the subject in a holistic manner.

The course covers all major premises and fields of psychology such as: Biopsychology, Theories of Learning and Personality and Psychological Assessments. The course aims to enable students to work in different fields of psychology and helps them master the required skills while encouraging them to be involved in scientific research, thus upholding our motto, ‘Creating Professionals for a Better Tomorrow’.

The program’s dynamic coursework and relevance helps aspiring psychologists, practitioners, academicians and researchers to develop effective, integrative and holistic skills and repertoire to contribute at large to the society by facilitating wellbeing at a micro and macro level. Students who successfully complete the requirements for Master of Science Degree in Psychology programme are eligible to take on various roles such as Counselling Psychologist, Academician, Industrial Psychologist, Researcher, Psychometric Analyst and many more.

Job Opportunities

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor, Therapist, Lecturer, NGO, Researcher, Scholar, Public Relations Officer, Behaviour Analyst, Well-being officer, etc.

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Program Highlights

  • MANASOLLASA – for the intellectual in you
  • EVEXIA – towards growth and healing
  • YĀNA – a series of guest lectures and workshops
  • Career guidance and career opportunities
  • A unique perspective of mental health via a multidisciplinary approach
  • National/international conferences
  • Industry visits and mandatory internships
  • A wide array of CSR activities
  • Well-equipped lab
  • Research assistance, Paper Presentations, Fests, etc.
  • Coaching for competitive exams
  • Placement Training – interview skills, group discussion, resume preparation
  • Placement Assistance – campus placement drive and campus interview