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Business Administration made easy!! BBA is not as hard as you think

Are you done with your PU exams? Want to pursue BBA? Are you scared about the course? These are the questions students generally have to face after their PU exams. There are doubts, uncertainties, and misconceptions about various degree courses. BBA is one of the most popular choices for students from both commerce and non-commerce backgrounds. This course gives you the in and out of a company and teaches you about the functionality of various businesses. We receive questions from students who must choose between BCOM, BMS, and BBA. There is this thought among applicants that BBA is a tough course, which is fair as you know very little about the degree. This article will drive away all your fear and doubt about BBA and give you a clear way in your corporate journey.

Be prepared for these challenges:

It will take time for you to get acquainted with the business language in your reference books; the language in these books is different from what you have seen before, and this is a bigger challenge for students from non-commerce backgrounds.Accounts is a difficult section to deal with for most of the students. If you hate dealing with numbers, accounts will be a big challenge.

Writing answers in exams is going to be tough. Here, you will have to register elaborative explanations to get marks.It can get boring sometimes. It might shock you, but if you aren’t interested in case studies or business operations, BBA may become boring to you.

Bad communication skills:

If you need help with your networking skills, getting placed in good companies will be challenging.

Do these to build confidence in your course:

Start reading textbooks written by industry experts. Books that cater to your interest will make you more comfortable with the commercial text. Reading business sections of English newspapers will also help you build confidence and give you immense knowledge,

Have clarity beyond BBA. Consider thinking beyond BBA and having a fixed goal. It may be to pursue higher studies or to get placed in a company. Your plan will give you a better perspective on approaching your course.Chat with faculty members, seniors, and alums of your college. Talking to people from your field will also clear your doubts. When uncertain about any course, your seniors and teachers are the best people you can refer to.Throughout your course, indulging in workshops and seminars may give you an edge over other batch mates and make your system easier.Take a look at the syllabus very closely. The syllabus gives you a fair idea about the entire course. You will be well versed with the topics beforehand to feel much less anxious.

We Understand Your Turmoil!

ST PAULS as a helping hand:

We understand our students, relate to their concerns, and put in all the efforts that may help them

  •    To make you more comfortable, we promote close bonding among the faculty members, seniors, and freshers.
  •    Provide our students with ample resources, both offline (in the form of books) and online (NDLS).
  •    Conduct webinars and seminars to keep the students updated on the latest trends
  •    Hardworking and effective placement cell that guarantees placements to our students.
  •    A special cell prepares students for competitive exams like CAT, IBPS PO, etc.

To summarize, we want to convey that every course you take has challenges. BBA is a popular course and is considered difficult by many, but with the right guidance here at ST PAULS, we guarantee the journey will be much easier. We are the Top BBA College In Bangalore, India , Our Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration teaches students how to provide managerial solutions for daily organizational issues. Students will explore methods of enhancing a company’s performance through efficient management and mainstream marketing. They gain knowledge of business practices and processes besides gaining complete knowledge about the recent market developments.

To read more such articles and to know more about our courses, kindly visit the college’s official website.


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